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Strategic Communication

Who needs to know what when?

How do you explain your thoughts, visions, actions? How do you co-create and bring the results into life? 

We offer in the context of organizational development interactive forms of facilitation and consulting - always including visuals to show content and process with decision-making and results.

Graphic Recording: As silent listener translating the content, main insights and goals of your event, conference, workshop etc. into a visual communication tool for Wrap-Up, Summaries & Documentations, Easy to remember and to communicate important explanations, events, etc..

Graphic Facilitation: As facilitator supporting individuals and groups through visuals in a  vibrant interactive way to gain sustain results and action accross the whole organization. A powerful accelerator in processes. 

Strategic Illustration: Co-creating visuals as strategic tool to communicate complex content in a very effective way - for example of a vision / strategy / transformation & change process.

Ensure that all are meaning the same important points in a process. Use ONE big picture and story for clearness and sustain results across your organization or for your customers. 

Purpose driven Collaboration & Architecture

Collaboration includes always leadership - it's part of the game. Common purpose is essential - to connect people around a need, problem, goal. 


What is your need, problem, dream? 

It's about co-creating "rhythms" (=meetings, core-teams, stakeholder engagements, learning experiences), conversations that matter with results, and designing space which supports collaboration to succeed. Find your way of flexibility and agility in collaboration.

Self-organized with clear decision points​

Learn to collaborate in this VUCA-world of today

V = volatile

U = unsecure

C = complex

A = ambiguity

We offer highly customized process design, facilitation & consulting for workshops, events and large programs of transformation. 


Learn & change by experience and through your daily collaboration. 

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