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Sabine Gressel-Soeder

Sabine is a strategically thinking flow-architect and lifelong learner. She is continuously curious about people, their stories, and the superpowers they bring with them. She is always exploring how people meet, connect, and create new and innovative approaches together. The growing complexity and challenges of our world urge us, according to her view, to co-create new solutions by shifting our leadership to a shared, collaborative and value-oriented way of leading together.


Clients appreciate her capacity to enlarge “the space” by capturing visually what is, by simultaneously facilitating and drawing bigger pictures of the systems and unrevealed patterns.

“I’m always amazed by the little and bigger surprises emerging when people start to build relations and connect through collective sense making. This often leads to sustained actions in their organisations. I feel honoured to witness this in even the most paradox, highly polarized or very formal contexts.”

In her first business-life Sabine was an architect and lighting designer. She has been part of the team on international construction projects, as, for example, the Berlin main station. She also led a team of architects and designers in Milan.

Sabine shifted step by step from architecture to dialogical and visual organizational development from 2007 onwards. The Swedish concept of business = Nahrings liv = nourishing life in combination with participatory practices through the World Café has created an impactful change in her life.

She founded and shaped CoCreativeFlow in 2012, a strategic consultancy which connects a diverse set of disciplines around leadership, collaboration and change through the principles of living systems. With a powerful core team and a wide as well as strong network of excellent colleagues CoCreativeFlow is working across Europe and beyond.

Sabine thinks as an architect and, accordingly, approaches complexity with a connection of dialogical, visual, and systemic elements. In her toolbox you find a powerful mix of innovative dialogue, project, and visualisation methods for small and large groups, onsite and online, as well as in hybrid spaces. Her work is guided by the triad of Clarify, Create, and Nourish the system (and all parts involved).    

Sabine is a steward of the Art of hosting / Art of participatory leadership. She is member of the BDU Bund Deutscher Unternehmensberatungen (Association of German Consultancies) and of the IFVP International forum of Visual Practitioners. In her voluntary commitment she has been working in several excutive boards (World Café, IFVP, Elternförderverein Institut Lucius – a parent’s association).

She is an co-author of  

She co-hosted the Euviz global gatherings of the IFVP visual practitioners in Berlin (2014), Rungstedgaard (2018) and the first Global Visual Thinking Summit in Bilbao (2022).


Sabine lives with her two young adults in Kronberg, near Frankfurt, loves good conversation, delicious food and its cooking, traveling, and finds deep nourishment in nature, be it in the mountains or at the sea.

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