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Sabine Soeder

Entrepreneur, owner of CoCreativeFlow, connector in a vibrant global network.

Working in Europe as a Flow Architect, facilitator and thinking partner -  using the power of visuals - in co-creation with groups and individuals to design the best customized path in complex situations and co-guide to sustain solutions. As an architect and lighting designer in her "first business life" Sabine wants to build tangible outcomes. She brings more than 25 years of business experience - although co-hosting events with methods like  World Café and Open Space with more than 500 participants.  Working for global clients including  DAX 30 and Forbes 500 organizations, governmental and NGOs.

Sabine is a member of the Council of the World Café Foundation, senior host at "The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that matter", a global approach of practice of innovative forms of leadership and collaboration.

And she is member of the International Forum for Visual Practitioners

As author Sabine has written articles, how to use visuals in World Cafés in the Visual Facilitation Field Book in the book "Co-Create" from Mathias Weitbrecht,, and shares her experience of co-creating a common shared vision in the catholic church community of Oberursel in the book "XXL-Pfarrei - wie Menschen Kirche entwickeln". 

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